How to make your new rug look great

Congratulations on your rug acquisition! Follow these simple steps to transform your rug.

Do not delay. Begin with Step 1 and flatten the rug as much as you can.

Easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Open

As soon as your rug arrives, please open it and unroll it. Unrolling the rug after opening will allow it to breathe and prevent wrinkles.

Step 2: Flip

Flip your rug over after unrolling it. Roll your rug tightly in the opposite direction so that the top now faces out. After a few moments, unroll your rug and flip it over.

By rolling your rug in the reverse direction, you can ensure that any bent fibers will lay flat and smoothly.

Step 3: Unroll the pad

Unroll the rug pad and place it on the floor where you would like your new rug. Place your rug on top of the pad, leaving a gap between the pad’s edge and the carpet.

The rug pad’s purpose is to hold your rug in position. It prevents the rug from slipping or curling at the edges.

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Step 4 – Vacuum

Vacuum the rug after it has been placed to remove any excess fibers.

Step 5: Position

Place furniture and heavy objects evenly on the rug. This will help it to lay flat along its edges.

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