Bring Indoor Comfort to the Outdoors with a Poolside Mat

Poolside rugs are becoming increasingly popular among those who own pools. Outdoor rugs will bring color and style into pool decks and other poolside areas. These rugs have many other practical uses as well.

We will cover what makes a rug “outdoor,” the benefits of using an outdoor rug by the pool, how to care for it, and some poolside options that you can use this summer.

Don’t miss this trend. Bring indoor comfort outside with a rug for the poolside.

What is the difference between an ” outdoor ” rug and a ” ” rug?

A rug’s ability to resist the elements is its main feature. Rugs that are not resistant to ultraviolet sun rays and moisture are susceptible to damage.

Mold- and Mildew Resistant

You will also need a rug that is resistant to mold and mildew because poolside areas are moist. Mold and mildew may still develop on rugs that are water resistant, even if they are water-resistant.

Later, we will talk about outdoor rug care. However, mildew resistance does not mean mildew-proof. You will need to take care of the rugs that you place on your poolside or deck.


Outdoor rugs are also UV-treated so that they won’t fade when exposed to direct sunlight. UV-treated rugs are important for preserving the color of these rugs, which will enhance any outdoor area.


Water-resistant outdoor rugs are ideal for poolside. Water is inevitable by the pool. Your rug should be able to handle a lot of water exposure. As we will explain in the next section, waterproofing can also be used to help maintain and clean your poolside rug.

Benefits of using a Rug for poolside

You can only add so much style and comfort to your pool deck. That’s why you need a rug for the area. A carpet placed under outdoor furniture or deck chairs can protect wood from damage.

Outdoor rugs are useful for many purposes poolside. A poolside rug can provide many benefits.

  • Ideal for Sunbathing: Lay a towel on top of the rug and soak up the rays. This area will be cooler, cushioned, and more stable than the pool deck. This is a great space to practice yoga.
  • Protect your Feet: No need to jump into the grass in order to cool off burning feet. Instead, use a rug at the poolside. These rugs are cooler than concrete around your pool because they’re usually light-colored and UV-resistant. These rugs are perfect for slipping on flip-flops and putting your towel down.
  • Easy Maintenance: Pool owners do not have to worry about another thing this summer. This is why outdoor rugs work so well. You can use the hose to clean them if they become dirty or need a refresh. Make sure to let both sides dry to prevent mildew or mold from forming underneath.

Tips for cleaning your poolside rug

These rugs must be resistant to water, mildew, and mold. However, they need some maintenance in order to look good. These rugs will last outdoors because they are well-made. These rugs have a short pile so that they can resist dirt accumulation.

After use, spray your rug with a hose to keep it looking good.

Important Tip: Ensure that your rug can dry completely on both sides. Mold and mildew can form if water is trapped under the carpet. It may be necessary to flip the towel over and allow it to dry in sunlight for several hours.

You can remove light soiling with a rug-safe dish detergent and a soft scrub brush. Be gentle to avoid damaging the rug. Refer to the tag for the recommended cleaning solution. When a stain is visible, spot-cleaning can be very effective.

Enjoy the summer with these outdoor rugs.

These new Jill Zarin summer outdoor rugs, for example, are made from 100% polypropylene. These bright colors and patterns, like ivory and teal, will give your pool deck a unique look. These Jill Zarin outdoor carpets are available at up to 50% discount. They have a short pile, require little maintenance, and can withstand the elements.

Botanical and tufted outdoor rugs are also great options. offers 1-day shipping. Order your rug today, and you could have it at the pool tomorrow. The botanical rugs, with their beautiful floral patterns, will bring life to your patio. A luxurious, cushioned feeling characterizes the tufted outdoor rugs. This is unlike other outdoor rugs.

Poolside Rug Summary

It might seem strange to have a run near the pool, but you’ve probably learned that this is not true. These outdoor rugs bring color and comfort into spaces that are usually lacking in style. These rugs have many practical uses that will enhance your pool enjoyment this summer and for years to come.

Please Note: If you live in an area with harsh winters, you may need to store your outdoor rug and keep it out of the weather. There’s no need to expose your outdoor carpet to wear and tear.

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