Are toxic rug pads linked to poor air quality

According to studies, indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air. Outgassing, the release of chemicals from household products and furniture into the atmosphere, can cause this.

To combat these toxins, consumers are switching to eco-friendly products. The manufacturers have also realized that the problem exists and have begun to replace low-cost materials with nontoxic alternatives.

Unfortunately, most rug pads have not met these environmentally friendly standards. Rug pads are a virtually invisible product unless the consumer inspects them. Most rug pads are manufactured at the lowest cost because consumers do not want a premium price for a product they will not see or touch.

Rug pads, however, are usually not tested for their toxicity. This is because they do not have the same cushioning as carpet padding. Carpet padding used in commercial applications must undergo certain tests to ensure its safety. Rug pads are not subject to the same regulations as they are used primarily for residential purposes.

PVC is a dangerous material

Improve indoor air quality begins at the foundation. Avoid plastic rug pads made overseas when shopping for a rug pad. Most pads made from a plastic known as PVC have not been tested for durability, quality, or outgassing.

Many PVC synthetic rug pads can damage expensive hardwood floors. By the time customers realize the damage, it is too late. Customers are left to pay for refinishing their floors without a warranty.

Imported rug pads can be made of cheap toxic materials, which can cause damage to floors and affect the air quality within your home.

RugPadUSA is different

RugPadUSA is committed to providing our customers eco-friendly, nontoxic, and safe rug pads. What began as a simple business idea has become a successful, growing company that ships and delivers proudly worldwide.

What We Offer

Rug pads of high quality that will last a long time and won’t damage your floors

Nontoxic, eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly materials for rug pads

We are proud to say that we have the most eco-friendly rug pads on the market. Rug pads of recycled felt and natural rubber are nontoxic and safe for all floors.

Natural Rubber

Natural Rubber is nontoxic and offers a strong grip. It also resists mildew, mold, and melting at high temperatures. Our natural rubber rug pad uses no glue, adhesives, or plasticizers for better grip and longer life and to avoid marking or staining floors and finishes.

Rubber and felt

A felt and rubber rug pad will give you more cushioning with a good grip. The felt fibers adhere to the underside of the area rug, while the non-slip backing keeps it firmly in place to prevent any slipping or bunching. Rug pads protect against accidents such as slips and fall and give your Oriental rugs a noticeable boost while protecting them.

Recycled felt

Try our 100% felt pad to cushion large area rugs that don’t need a non-slip mat. Our felt fabric rug pads are all recycled carpet fibers, making them more eco-friendly and sustainable than other cushioned rug pad options.

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