RugPadUSA: The Best and Worst Rug Pads For Flatweaves

You’ve finally found your perfect flatweave, whether a dhurrie or a kilim. Congratulations. You can now show your love for your rug by protecting it from excessive wear, keeping it safe from slipping and wrinkling, and keeping your floors from being damaged with a rug pad of high quality.

Even the best quality rug pads are not suitable for flatweaves. Flatweaves are thinner and more delicate than carpets and pile rugs. They can be prone to slipping and buckling.

The magic of “the hug”

Pads with a firm grip and perhaps a little cushion will help keep flatweaves from slipping. Flatweaves don’t like places that provide only cushions, such as 100% felt or rug pads. Pillows that combine natural rubber with felt cushioning are the best for keeping flatweaves in place. They have the best grip, last longest, and are safe and eco-friendly.

You want to find pads that are engineered for an excellent grip. Magic is in the hug. Heat pressing the top felt to grab the bottom of the rug, like Velcro, is the best way to make pads for flatweaves. The pad will keep the rug flat. The rubber bottom grips the floor (without staining or sticking like some synthetic adhesives) and keeps flatweaves smooth.

Flatweaves are thin and can bunch up or wrinkle without a rug pad.

Flatweave rugs are best suited to rug pads that combine rubber grip with felt cushion.

The best flatweave rug pads

Three of the top pads available today combine materials and engineering to provide a range of levels of cushioning and lift.


RugPro is a low-profile pad with high performance that provides maximum grip and minimal lift. It works well in areas of high traffic, hallways, and doorways where clearance can be a problem. The solid design of this pad offers greater floor coverage than a traditional waffle-style non-slip mat. This allows for easier vacuuming and keeps the life of flatweaves clean. RugPro’s needle-punched holes are very small and allow for better airflow.


Contour Lock is a great option if you want to add a little cushioning under your flatweave but need to maintain a low profile. This 1/8-inch thick felt and rubber pad provides moderate cushioning and a good grip without adding bulk. This pad is designed to protect floors from scratches and keep flatweaves clean. This pad is a good value, offering a dependable grip and subtle padding.


Superior Lock is a cushioning product that combines grip and cushion and can be used under large flatweave carpets in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Superior-Lock has more felt, a heat-pressing method, and thick cushioned support. It offers a non-slip grip with unyielding traction. It is a thick felt layer with a non-slip natural Rubber pad. The needle-punched surface of the felt surface adheres naturally to the bottom surface of the rug to anchor it. This hugs your flatweaves and provides extra comfort.

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