If you want to extend the life of your new cotton rug, do this first

Cotton is a fabric that we all love. Cotton is the fabric of our life (r) (thanks to the geniuses who created the Cotton Inc. advertising campaign). However, cotton can make a bright and beautiful choice when it comes time to choose rugs.

Cotton rugs are usually hand-woven and eco-friendly. They’re also super soft and gorgeous. The cotton rugs look stunning on your floor and are a pleasure to walk on. (Many cotton rugs can be so quiet that you might want to wrap yourself in them as a blanket. You may be surprised to find that they also want to wrap up themselves!

Cotton rugs are prone to slip, slide, bunch, and wrinkle, especially more petite sizes. The corners and ends also tend to curl, even if you put them over carpeting. Getting your cotton rugs lying flat and staying put cannot be easy. The solution is easy: match your cotton rug to the right pad.

The right rug pad can extend the life of a cotton rug by protecting it against wear and dirt and making it easy to clean.

Avoid these mistakes

Cotton rugs are not suitable for all rug pads. Cotton rugs don’t like pads that provide only cushioning without grip. These include 100% felt and memory foam. Avoid non-slip rugs and pads that contain synthetic adhesives or fillers. These can damage your floors and your rugs. Good quality pads will protect your floors from damage and wear.

Rug pads with synthetic fillers and adhesives are not suitable for cotton carpets. They can cause damage to floors and break down.

What to Look for

You will need pads with a strong grip and perhaps a little cushion. Cotton rugs are often thin and may benefit from additional padding or lift. Look for natural polymer and rubber blends for the best grip, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and safe pads to keep rugs in place and flat.

If you want a little lift, choose natural rubber and felt pads. They should be engineered to provide traction. The best felt and Rubber pads for cotton rugs can be made by pressing the top felt to grab the bottom rug gently but firmly without ripping it. The rug will stay flat on the pad because of the specially textured surface. Rubber bottoms grip floors tightly (without staining or sticking them like some synthetic adhesives) and keep cotton rugs smooth.

Rug pads with rubber grips are perfect for cotton rugs. They are also safe for all flooring and finishes.

These rug pads are the best on the market for cotton rugs. They combine materials and engineering to provide different levels of cushioning and lift.

Consider the size and location of your rug when deciding on the pad you need. Size is important when choosing the perfect pad for your cotton rugs. Other factors include foot traffic, door clearance, and lift.

Small cotton runners and rugs

Cotton runners, scatter rugs, and small rugs can be high maintenance and should be treated carefully.

These smaller rugs are prone to being slippery, and they’re often placed in areas with high traffic, like hallways or in front of doorways.

Anchor Grip

Anchor Grip, a low-profile pad that offers exceptional traction with a surprising amount of softness, considering its thinness, is one of the best options for these rugs. The pad is made of felt with an EVA backing to protect your precious floors and delicate cotton rugs. Anchor Grip’s construction places more padding on your floor, providing maximum gripping power and protection and a comfortable cushioning level. It is particularly effective in humid and hot climates. It’s also waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew.

Many other eco-friendly, smart, low-profile, and high-grip options are available for smaller cotton rugs.

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