Needlepoint Rug Pads: How to Choose the Right Rugpad for Your Needlepoint Rug

You know you have something special to admire, cherish, and walk on. Needle points are often more like art pieces than practical rugs. Wool is very durable, and a well-made wig can last generations. You’ll need to be extra careful to protect your rug from wear and tear and to keep it from slipping and bunching.

Even the best quality rug pads are not suitable for needle points. Unlike carpets and pile rugs, needle points are often thin and delicate. They’re prone to slipping and wrinkling. These beautiful rugs need a hug. A special grip that is as strong as it is gentle and that offers both comfort and security.

What to Look for

You need pads with a good grip and perhaps a little cushion to keep your needle points flat. The pads that provide only cushion, such as 100% felt or memory foam, do not work well for needle points. Pads that combine natural rubber with felt cushioning are the best for keeping rugs flat and in position. They have the strongest grip, last longest, and are safe and eco-friendly.

Use a rug pad with rubber to grip and feel to cushion and stabilize.

You want to find pads that are engineered for a great grip. Magic is in the hug. Heat pressing the felt top so that it grips the rug bottoms, almost like Velcro, is the best way to make the best needlepoint pads. The rug will stay flat on the pad. Rubber bottoms grip floors tightly (without staining or sticking them like some synthetic adhesives) and keep needle points smooth.

The best felt Rubber Rug Pads for Needlepoint Rugs

Three top pads available today combine materials and engineering to provide varying cushioning and lift.


RugPro is a low-profile pad with high performance that provides maximum grip and minimal lift. It’s ideal for areas with a problem with door clearance, such as hallways. The solid design of this pad offers greater floor coverage than a traditional waffle-style pad. This allows for easier vacuuming and prevents dirt from reaching the floors. It also helps to extend the life of needle points by keeping them clean. RugPro’s needle-punched holes are very small to improve airflow and allow floors to breathe.


Contour-Lock is a great option if you want to add a little cushioning under your needlepoint but need to maintain a low profile. This 1/8-inch thick felt and rubber pad provides moderate cushioning and a good grip without adding bulk. This pad is designed to protect floors from scratches and keep rugs clean. Needle points tend to have rough backs. This pad is a good value, offering a dependable grip and subtle padding.

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