Bohemian Rugs, Decor, and Design: Style Series

The words “bohemian,” “boho,” or “boho” are more than just a style or design guideline. The aesthetic is a reflection of the worldview of these “true” Bohemians who embrace creativity, expression, and globalism. Bohemian fashion is a mix of colors, patterns, and materials from different cultures, with very few rules.

Bohemian fashion is, in a sense, whatever you want it to be. There are some guidelines that you can use to achieve a chic bohemian style.

Start Simple

Although bohemian is not minimal, rugs are a good place to begin. Boho chic, in its current form, is heavily influenced by style. These two styles may not seem like they would get along at first, but they have much to offer one another.

If you layer rich patterns on rich patterns, as some bohemians do, it can be overwhelming. Take inspiration from modernism. You can build your style on a neutral color palette with natural materials.

Ample Antiques

First, bohemians lived at the margins of society. Money was always a problem for bohemians, who were often artists, musicians, and travelers. They learned to appreciate the beauty of old furniture and decor.

Bohemian décor has a unique story to tell. The eclectic style combines old, “out-of fashion” furniture with items from exotic markets around the world to create a unique look. It would be best if you searched flea markets and antique shops to find items that will help you make your bohemian look. Include your favorite items in your home the way you feel most passionate about them.

Bohemians Go BIG

Bohemians are known for their extravagant style. The best bohemian rooms embrace extravagant maximalism. Decor is a great way to express yourself. Display your treasures. Fill your walls up with art that makes you happy.

Bohemian Style Rugs: Layer it On

Try on the bohemian look to experiment with rug layers.

Layering rugs has many benefits. They not only look great, but they also give you more chances to showcase your style. The ability to showcase older rugs and use smaller rugs to fill a large space are just some of the benefits.

Bohemian Style Rugs: Options Available

Are you ready to create your boho chic room? Begin with a beautiful, bold area rug. We’ve selected a few of the best options in both machine-made and handmade rugs.

Alexis Collection

The Alexis Collection is a boho chic lover’s dream. It features a tastefully eclectic mix of bold patterns and bright colors.

Bohemian Style Natural Rugs

Natural plant fiber rugs, such as sisal and jute, are staples of bohemian style. They can be used as a foundation to layer on top or as a neutral base. Natural rugs offer earthy colors and textures as well as a low price.

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs, with their unique textures, designs, and exotic appearance, are particularly prized by fans of boho and modern aesthetics. Beni-Ourain, the most popular style, is great for neutralizing your room, much like natural rugs. Azilal and Boucherouite are other styles that will appeal to maximalists with their vibrant colors and asymmetrical designs.

Persian Rugs

The handmade rug industry holds Persian rugs in high regard. Ornate designs are often woven with rich histories. Persian rugs are expensive, but they make a big statement.

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