How to clean a Shag Rug

Shag rugs are unique in their style and comfort. This luxury is not without its drawbacks. Long fibers, which make shags comfortable, are notorious for attracting dirt. It’s very easy for shags to look shabby without regular maintenance. Today, we will discuss how to clean shag rugs. Learn simple techniques that you can use at home.

Why Shag Rugs?

In the 1970s and 1980s, these fluffy floor coverings became an icon. The biggest Hollywood stars at the time endorsed it. Lovers of retro and contemporary designs love them. Shag rugs add comfort to any room and are a great way of adding texture and visual interest.

Shag Rugs: Where to use them

The best way to keep shag rugs clean is not to clean them. Use shag rugs only where they are appropriate.

It’s better to use shags in places where they are less likely to get dirty. This means that you should use shag rugs in low-traffic areas where there is less chance of spilling food or drinks. These are the same places where shags would be placed anyway, to enjoy their comfort. Shag rugs are perfect for bedrooms and living areas. In these rooms, comfort is paramount, and cleaning is easy.

Avoid high-traffic areas and places that are more prone to spills. It is not a good idea to put a shag carpet in the entryway, dining room, or kitchen. The thick pile of a shag rug can make it difficult to move chairs and more likely for them to tip over.

Shake It Out

Shaking or beating the dirt from a shag carpet is one of the best ways to clean or refresh it. You can shake a small rug vigorously until it is clean.

You can drape larger rugs over a railing, stable chair, or broom handle and beat them with it. Use the “business end” only if you are trying to remove dirt and not add more. You can use your back to ensure that any stubborn dirt will be loosened. Be careful not to hurt yourself or cause damage to your chair or railing.

After you’ve loosened up the dirt, place the rug in the sun. The sun’s UV light will kill any bacteria that is growing on your carpet. You’ll end up with a cleaner carpet.

Suck It Up

Vacuuming shag rugs is not recommended, even though it is convenient. A strong suction can break or rip the long fibers in a shag carpet.

Try these methods if you need to vacuum your rug. Turn the rug upside down and vacuum its back to remove deep-seated dirt. Use an upholstery attachment to get a deeper clean. It creates more suction and can be concentrated in a smaller area.

If you want to vacuum the rug on top, make sure that the vacuum is set at its highest setting and the beater or brush has been turned off. The beater bar can rip the pile out of your rug if you leave it on.

How to clean a Shag Rug With Dry Shampoo

Consider using a dry shampoo if you are still unhappy with the results. You can find a wide variety of products on the market. Make sure you read the labels on your rug as well as the shampoo before using it to ensure that the chemicals won’t damage it. Even if it says on the label that a cleaning method should work, you should always test any cleaning method in a hidden area to make sure.

Follow the instructions provided on the shampoo packaging. This usually involves spraying the shampoo on the rug and letting it set for a while before vacuuming. Remember the tips you learned before when vacuuming: turn off the beater bar and raise the height of the vacuum to the highest setting.

How to clean all your Rugs

It may seem difficult at first to clean your shag rug at home, but it is worth learning how to do it correctly. You can then maintain the high-pile style for many years.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning your other rugs either. We’ve even published a guide to cleaning all your rugs right here on our blog! If you have any tips from your personal experience, please leave a comment so that we can share them with the community.

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