Best carpet for commercial high-traffic areas

There’s going to be a lot of traffic on the floors in your home! Your carpet will need to be tough enough to handle the worst conditions, from mud boots to messy spills. You may need to replace your carpet more often if you don’t choose the best commercial carpet. This will increase costs and cause inconvenience.

What is the best commercial carpet? We’ve listed our top carpets for areas with high traffic and accidents.

What to look for in carpet for high-traffic areas

Rugs are a great choice for any commercial space. The carpet should be beautiful but also multi-purpose. There are certain characteristics that you should look for in a rug designed for high-traffic business areas.

  1. Easy to clean. High traffic equals high usage. Spills are common, especially in areas like restaurants where wine and food are carried. Mud and water from outside can also be brought inside. A rug that’s easy to clean will make your space look great, and you won’t have to replace it as often.
  2. Durability. A carpet should be able to withstand the wear and tear of your employees and customers for many years. A rug that’s raggedy and worn out will not make a good impression. It will also cost you more money to replace it frequently.
  3. Comfort. Many businesses have staff or customers on their feet while they explore the space and use it. Soft rugs will make the experience more comfortable. This means less stress for your staff and better service for your customers.
  4. Does not have to be ugly. A carpet made for commercial purposes does not necessarily mean that it must be ugly. You should find a rug that fits your business’ style and has the above characteristics. Fashion doesn’t always have to be sacrificed for durability. You can have both!

Best carpet for high-traffic areas

Nylon Commercial Carpet

Nylon area rugs and carpets are among the most durable synthetic fiber area rugs. The mats are known for their durability, even when they’re subjected to heavy foot traffic. They are one of the most popular and durable rugs available today.

Nylon fibers also resist stains. This is partly due to the solution dyeing of nylon carpets and rugs, which allows the color to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers.

What makes nylon the best carpet for high-traffic areas? Nylon rugs can add style and beauty to your home and will delight your guests. Commercial nylon carpets are available in many colors and patterns. You can choose the rug that best suits your needs in terms of design and functionality.

They are also easy to clean. Spot cleaning and fabric protectors are effective for them. The rug will get stains and spills with so much foot traffic. Your business needs a rug that will still look good after spills have been cleaned.

Check out this guide, All You Need To Know About Nylon Rugs, for more information.

Sisal Commercial Carpet

The fibers used to make area rugs and carpets are natural, strong sisal. They are then tightly woven. This tight weave and strength make sisal carpets ideal for commercial spaces with high traffic. The rugs are able to bounce back quickly from any impressions, and they’re also difficult to tear or scratch. Commercial-grade sisal carpet also has a stain-resistant quality, which is a must-have for any commercial flooring.

Sisal carpets and rugs are known for their durability and stain resistance. Installation of sisal rugs and carpets in commercial properties will help you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives (CSR). Sisal carpets and rugs are an environmentally friendly flooring option because they are made from sisal plants that have been sustainably harvested. This is increasingly important for today’s consumers.

Wool Commercial Carpet

Wool is a natural fiber with many properties, making it a great carpet for areas that are heavily trafficked. Wool has a natural coating of lanolin that repels stains and helps wick away moisture. This is a great benefit for commercial cleaning. It will save you time and money in the end.

Wool carpet provides extra comfort for your commercial property. Our selection of commercial-grade wool carpets is made from 70% sheep wool and 30 % goat hair, giving you and your guests a comfortable and durable wool combination. Our rugs and carpets are designed for high-traffic areas, so each one comes with an action back.

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