The Most Affordable Sisal Area Rugs

New ottoman. New ottoman. New ottoman. The cost of redecorating can add up quickly. Not every item needs to be expensive. We have the best deals and products to help you achieve your design goals. Discover our top five sisal rugs.

Brasilia Sisal Area Rugs

Brasilia Sisal is made from 100% natural fiber sisal, the highest quality, originating in Africa. Brasilia Sisal has a larger weave but still maintains its thinner pile height. This makes it an excellent choice for stylish area rugs, rug runners, and wall-to-wall rugs. Our selection of Brasilia will transform any home, office, or hospitality space. Choose from bright colors such as honey and sienna to more muted shades like ash and Ebony.

Arrow Sisal Area Rugs

Using different patterns has become a popular trend this season. Our inexpensive arrow sisal rug will help you bring it into your home. Arrow sisal rugs are flat-woven in a trendy yet sophisticated chevron pattern. The arrow sisal rug is available in five neutral colors to match any color scheme. These rugs have a latex backing and are 100% natural sisal.

Boucle Sisal Area Rugs

Boucle sisal, one of the thinnest and tightest woven sisal rugs we offer, is available in seven colors that your guests — as well as pets — will love. Boucle Sisal has a classic weave and is made from 100% natural African sisal. Boucle is durable and long-lasting because of its tight weave. Our boucle style is one of the most affordable sisal rug options.

Seagrass Area Rugs

Seagrass has a natural sheen and is very smooth to the touch. It’s also one of our more affordable options. Seagrass will look great in your home. It is durable and undyed. Seagrass is undyed because it naturally comes in beautiful shades like beige and light brown with a hint of sage. The thick seagrass gives a rug a long-lasting, beautiful texture. This is also the most stain-resistant natural fiber we offer.

Dorado Sisal Area Rugs

Dorado area rugs have the finest sisal and the thinnest, most delicate looped weave. Dorado sisal works well in living rooms, hallways, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Dorado sisal is available in many different color shades, from neutral Ashland to bold Turkish espresso. Dorado sisal gives you a great bang for your buck.

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